Thanksgiving is next week! Meaning most of us will gather for a day of feasting, football and family. Now, we know most of you will not be able to do an entire kitchen renovation in one week 😉 But, we wanted to share our favorite functional kitchen designs with you.

Large eat-in island

99% of renovations you watch on HGTV include an addition of a large eat-in island. For good reason! Having a large island for an event such as Thanksgiving is the perfect meeting place for your family and friends.

Open concept kitchen

Having an open concept kitchen is ideal when your home may be filled with 20+ adults and children. This gives everyone enough space to gather together and be comfortable. It also allows the cook to feel a part of the crowd. No one likes being left behind in a galley kitchen.

Hide-away fridge

Having a giant fridge is what we all need, but it can become an eyesore. We have fallen in love with paneling our fridges, making it a cohesive part of a kitchen.

Butler’s pantry

A butler’s pantry is a KEY secret to keeping a clean, fresh, clutter-free kitchen. There’s no better place to hide your large cooking tools like your, toaster, microwave, and slow cookers. If you have the extra space, we recommend adding a wine cooler or extra fridge to your pantry.

Coffee/Beer/Wine Bar

We love kitchens the feature a dedicated space to coffee, wine and beer. This lets everyone get their favorite beverage without interrupting the flow of the kitchen.

Stove-top faucet

We promise you; you will need to boil some potatoes on the oven on Thanksgiving. How nice would it be to fill your pot right on the stovetop? One of our favorite kitchen additions is a stove-top faucet.