The CHILL is coming! Here in Wilmington we are spoiled with a mild coastal winter. BUT, that does not mean you can skip out on winterizing your house. Check out our 6 simple steps to getting your home winter ready. 

1. Check your heating system.

The last thing you want is to be without heat when a cold winters night hits. 

2. Wood burning stoves, chimneys & flue.

If you have a fireplace now is the time to inspect it. 

-Make sure it is clear of any nests left by birds, squirrels or any other little creature. 

-Make sure the flue damper is operating properly. 

3. Protect your pipes.

When freezing temps hit pipes are very susceptible to freezing and bursting. Let’s go over some “best practices” to help prevent this from happening:  

-Insulate exposed pipes. Often found in crawl spaces or along outside walls. 

-Drain & turn off all outside faucets 

-If you will not be in the house over the winter — shut off the water supply and drain the plumbing system. 

4. Inspect your roof.

Preform a quick inspection of your roof. Things to look for are: 

-Missing or damaged shingles- have them replaced. 

-Check the flashing around chimneys and other roof projections. This is where leaks often occur. 

-Clean your gutters!

5. Sprinkler systems

Stay alert to when colder nights are coming and prepare by turning off the water supply and emptying any remaining water. This can be done using compressed air. 

6. Landscaping & Outdoor Furniture

The joy of living coastal is we are still able to enjoy the outdoors during the winter months. But, take the right precautions and protect your outdoor furniture by covering them when bad weather is on its way. It is also important to drain any fountains and make sure your pool has been winterized.