Hosting guests in your home can be an overwhelming task. We pride ourselves on building homes that provide functional designs, perfect for hosting events such as Thanksgiving. But, functional design is only one part of being a great host. 

If you are planning on having guests this holiday season we have made a list of simple tips to make both you and your company feel right at home. 

| Fall Decor & Snuggles

Who doesn’t love decorating for the fall season?! Light your pumpkin spice candles and pull out all your extra blankets. Nothing is more inviting than a warm cozy home. 

| Good Reads & Good Scenes

Display old family photo albums or local magazines for your guests to browse. Perusing through old photos are sure to bring up many laughs and memories. Pre-record holiday movies or have the “game” in the que to watch. 

| Check your Local Event Calendar

Many towns have tree lightings, parades, and other holiday events going on over the weekend. It is a  great way to get everybody out of the house during their stay. 

| Stock up on Snacks

After a long day of family fun, there is no doubt everyone will be in the mood for a snack. Cheese & crackers, fresh fruit and mixed nuts are all great options to have available. 

| Family Photo-shoot

If time and scheduling allows. Hire a local photographer or family member with a good camera to take some photos. Holidays like Thanksgiving may be the only time you can get the WHOLE family together. These photos will be cherished for years to come!  

We hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving Holiday!

-The Coastal Cypress Team

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